You have a logo and think that is your Brand Identity? Think again – While your logo is the identity of your business your brand needs more to express it-self. It is the combined message transmitted via the Brand Name, Logo, Style and Visuals. Reach out to us and we will help you create the right perception for your business.

At Beardman Technologies, we specialize in Brand Design and Corporate Image creation. Thus helping your business reassert your control on the market and help you reach new clients while maintaining healthy relationships with existing ones. We are one of the leading firm providing Brand Design Services in India with a diverse portfolio of clients from around the world.

Detailed Brief

Our design concepts are created with thorough briefing on the brand. Hence, we don’t rely too much on an intuitive idea of the solution. A detailed brief once drawn up, helps both parties strategize to rationalise the design decisions and achieve the desired result.


We understand that a Brand Identity needs to bring out the personality of the brand - its history, function and the ethos behind it all. Ensure that the story reaches all existing and potential clients in the intended target market.

Spot what's special

Together, we identify that 'something special' in your brand right in the beginning and try to encapsulate that in our creation to connect with the people you're creating the brand for, and the audience it must attract. Get this bit right and we're already halfway there. Drop us a line below and we will have a call scheduled for you with our Branding Consultant.


Let us know how we can help. One of our consultants will call you shortly.