Over the last 8 years or so, with the market for Mobile Applications opening up, entrepreneurs have now transformed into appreneurs. App based companies such as Uber and Airbnb are the largest examples that one can cite to testify the success of the app industry. While it is highly lucrative, it also comes with certain challenges that need professional assistance to counter.

At Beardman Technologies, We are experts at developing apps for mobile and know how to create engaging apps which can better the return on your investment. We design and develop premium apps that delight users and help build a connection between you and your customers, assisting you to quickly reach a brand-status.

Mobile Application VS Mobile Website

The first and most important of all questions that needs to be answered before you can jump into an appreneurship arena, Simply put – Marketing and content driven mobile goals where all you wish to do is reach as many users as possible making use of the search engines, you should concentrate on Mobile websites. Whereas, if you are looking to provide your users with personal experience using any of their phone functions, offline access, Gaming, etc. You should be looking at a Mobile Application.

Business Plan

Always remember - While building a mobile app is not difficult, making it the kind that solves the problems of your clients so that they are willing to pay is complex. Therefore, having a viable business plan model for mobile app development is crucial. To be able to come up with a business plan outline, just try and answer the questions below - • What is the ‘problem’ that you want your app to solve? How? • Why would people pay for your mobile application? What is unique about it? • What business plan models do your competitors use and how successful they are?

The Budget Question

As a Mobile Application Development Company in Kolkata, this is both challenging and tricky at the same time. Native apps with robust functionality are generally high priced. Since clients are not completely sold on the idea of the app, the value of the app sits rather modestly when compared to the cost. These situations can be easily avoided by having a great Business Plan in place and a clear scope of work. Here at Beardman Technologies, we ensure that we clearly understand both and then reach a conclusion on the pricing.


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