You have a million dollar website. Now what? How do you market your website? Do you have an online marketing strategy? If the answer to any of the questions is “No” or “Don’t know”, get in touch with us so we can help you maximize the no. of visitors to your website by ensuring that the website appears high on the list of results served up by the Search Engines. Mind you, SEO is not a magic wand. It is a long term marketing strategy with high ROI opportunities, if done correctly.

Our search engine optimization services encompasses consultation, keyword research, copy-writing, website re-development / corrections, creating incoming links, submitting to search engines and finally, reporting on optimization results. Beardman Technologies is dedicated to the high standard of SEO that major search engines demand. We offer SEO services in Kolkata, India at the most competitive prices.

Set Up Activity and Goal Setting

We follow the SMART approach to Marketing your website. We start with a complete website analysis, competition analysis and benchmark reporting to ensure we understand exactly where the website stands in the SEO parameters. Once these have been completed, we help you determine which key phrases best work for you by sharing a key word analysis report with you. On receiving an approval on the keywords listed we start the on-page and off-page activity and get you the results you wish to see.

Monthly Reporting and Analysis

Through our benchmark analysis, we know where you are today to be able to compare it with data in the future. This is also done on a monthly basis to ensure there is progress made and to look for trends and evaluate the success of your goals, which you would have specified in the earlier stage of the marketing campaign. Improving ranking is important for SEO, but more important than the ranking is the traffic that comes with it. Does the change in ranking yields in the traffic you expected? Does this traffic actually convert? This leads to the last step.

Conversion Tracking and Analysis

Everything comes down to the one critical factor at the very end. Did you make profit or did you lose money. Whatever you do, it has to contribute directly or indirectly to a positive Return of Investment. Web Analytics is a part of the process of making this determination among other tools and methods. We repeat this process on a quarterly basis and keep modifying our campaigns based on the results we see.


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