What is social media? Is it the biggest nuisance or the biggest gift? Let’s look at it as businessmen. Honestly, it is the biggest gift that businessmen have seen over the last decade or so. As a business you don’t want to compete, do you? You want to dominate. That could only happen if you keep in constant touch with both your existing and potentially new clients. Social Media is not a place where you sell your products. It is where you get rid of the biggest reasons why businesses fail – Obscurity, uncertainty and non-persistence.

At Beardman Technologies, we specialize in doing just that. Through our social media optimization services, we help you use social media to your advantage and as an effective prospecting tool. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Linked-in are free tools that can help you dominate the market. Want to know how? Fill in the form below or give us a call and we will be at your service. We are one of the top Social Media Marketing agencies in Kolkata, India committed to our mutual success.

Create social media objectives and goals

The first step to any social media marketing strategy is to establish objectives and goals that you hope to achieve. Having these objectives also allows you to quickly react when social media campaigns are not meeting your expectations. This will include creating a content plan and editorial calendar. We help you in creating these goals and ensuring that the objectives are SMART meaning they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Create or improve your social accounts

If you don’t already have social media profiles on each network you focus on, we build them from the ground up with your audience in mind. If you do have existing accounts, we help you in refining them and updating them for the best possible results.

Test, evaluate and adjust your social media marketing plan

We keep testing and evaluating our Social Media Marketing Plan to figure out if any modification is required. We also track page visits driven by social media with Google analytics. Record and analyze your success and failures, and then adjust your social media marketing plan in response.


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